Royal Imports / Fisch Floral Supply

Floral Imports is a floral supply company consisting of two brands: Royal Imports and Fisch Floral Supply.

Product Photography

Royal Imports sells products on their website and On both websites, the main product image must be photographed with a clean white background.

Product Lifestyle Photoshop
Image Composites

In order to best sell the products of Royal Imports, it is necessary to show images of how the products are used. Lifestyle stock images were chosen to highlight the products. The Royal Imports products were then photographed and composited into the chosen lifestyle images using Photoshop™.

Installation Art

The objective of the projects were to create installation art in the theme of popular pop culture shows/movies. The art needed to be created using only products that were sold by Royal Imports. The themed art was then photographed and posted to social media.

Game Of Thrones Theme

Floral stakes, plastic cardettes, and artificial mini roses form a Game Of Thrones-like Iron Throne for this Royal Imports Teddy Bear. Floral foam balls and foam rose balls surround the throne. Black acrylic rocks are used at the base as dragon glass, and shredded styrofoam is used for snow.

Avengers End Game Theme

Floral netting and gold bling wrap are used in this image to create an Infinity Gauntlet from the Avengers movies. Acrylic gems are used as infinity stones and bling wrap is used to create a Thanos helmet for a Royal Imports Teddy Bear.

Promotional Catalogs And Flyers

Royal Imports releases seasonal catalogs as well as various sales sheets throughout the year.

Packaging Design

Packaging designs were created for various Royal Imports products.

Web Design and Development

Royal Imports and Fisch Floral Supply both have product catalogs of over 1000 products spread out into over 15 different categories. The new web designs were created using WordPress™ and WooCommerce™. The new sites are mobile responsive and easy to use.